Big, Bigger, Biggest

We are celebrating a hundred pages! Over on our Emily Rules Klub topic on the Soda Shop Message Boards, there is 106 pages and counting. (Which is a problem because I can only count to one hundred and seven.) Thank you to all members of the E.R.K!

E.R.K. vs. K.R.E. Live

We are at over 90 pages over at the Soda Shop! To celebrate, we had our first ever live meeting with the K.R.E. in order to give us a kickoff in the direction of 100. Here are a few of the memorable lines from the event.

“I enjoy some of the Emily mysteries, they remind me of Encyclopedia Brown stories, which I have a whole collection of.”~Belle

“And upon reflection, I absolutely agree with you, Blondie. While I’ve never seen the show, I adore the stories. That would be so fun to see. “I see, Mr. Sherlock, that you were in a garden recently. You have two types of petals on your shirt.” “I see, Miss Jones, you are in love. There is a slight leap to each of your steps even as you try to walk normally.”‘ ~Me (I’m so modest)

“In my opinion, being headstrong is just what makes Emily great. She doesn’t worry about minor things, she charges in and does what she has to to figure stuff out.” ~Underseasie

Emily in Narnia

Hello, all. We have been having some fun times at the E.R.K. on the Soda Shop Message Boards. For one thing, we had an Emily Photo Shopping Contest. Here’s a sampling of the goofy results.

It's Full of Money

Despicable Emily



That is all for now, Emilyophiles.


ERK is Back!

Well, it’s been quite a while since the last post on here, but hello there! I’m underseasie/Rosy/Seasie and I am now going to be posting here actively, so stick around for more. 

Right now, we have a Emily-themed contest going! Simply draw Emily in a costume, or create a collage for her out of real pictures from around the net or your own camera. 

As of right now we have 3 entries, and I’ll be posting any new ones as they come along!

To start off with, we have Emily as Nancy Drew, by the talented  AKA God’s Girl!


Next up is Emily as Anna from Frozen, by me! ( if you forgot 😉 )


And the most recent entry, Emily as Superwoman by the amazing


There are the entries so far, but I’ll be posting any new ones as they come along! (We have been promised an entry from the awesomely spectacular so be looking for that!)

I leave you with one final picture featuring Olivia as Violet from the Incredibles, Emily as Elsa from Frozen, and Camilla as Tinker Bell by our incredible leader,

Belle says, " I wouldn't have guessed those were AIO characters, rather maybe Sammy, underseasie..and *runs away*"

Belle says, ” I wouldn’t have guessed those were AIO characters, rather maybe Sammy, underseasie..and erm…you… *runs away*”

See you later, Emilylovers!

Liz’alike Our Other First Place Winner!

God’s Girl here…..Our President elusively noted that Liz’s entry would be posted here sometime….and you know how he is….

So, I decided to post it for him…shhhhhh….

Here is the other entry that tied for 1st place!

By: Liz’alike

“Go to bed Andrew!”
“Alright Mom!” Andrew hollered down the hall.
Andrew stepped into his room and walked towards his bed. He pulled back his pillow and grabbed his neatly folded pajamas as he flipped on an Adventures in Odyssey episode.
As Andrew started to slip into his pjs, his ears zoned in on what was playing, “I hate this episode! Why are they always ruining Odyssey with stupid characters?!” He snarled as he yanked the blankets back and fell into bed.
Andrew leaned over to his nightstand, switching the episode to one he liked better. “Now that’s what I’m talking about,” he stated as he lay back into bed.
Andrew closed his eyes, still hearing the Odyssey playing, he slowly felt his brain relax.
Before he could fall into a peaceful sleep he jerked and opened his eyes. Instead of seeing his bedroom, he was saw a ‘50s style restaurant.
“Where am I?” Andrew asked himself as he gazed at a chrome and red cushion filled room.
“Whits End.” A deep monotone voice called.
“Huh?” Andrew looked around him and saw a girl about 12 years old sitting across the way in a little wrought iron chair. “Did you say ‘Whits End’? And who are you?”
“I did say Whits End. And I’m Emily Jones. Are you okay? You look confused.” The girl stated, her deep voice ringing.
“You can’t be serious!” Andrew gasped under his breath. He gazed around the room. It looked similar to what he had imagined. A long counter with red cushioned stools lining it, little round tables with wrought iron chairs around the room and booths lining the walls and windows.
“What did you say?” The girl inquired, slipping into the same booth as Andrew.
“Did you say your name was Emily?”
“Yes I did. Emily Jones.”
“You can’t be! Your voice is completely different!”
“What? I’m pretty sure I’ve always had this voice.”
“No you haven’t! And what about Matthew?!”
“What about him? He’s probably off doing his stupid little detective investigations. I prefer going to the mall myself, but-”
“You’re not a detective?!”
“Uh, no. I find that line of work silly and pointless. If you were smar- Wait! Where are you going?” Emily asked as Andrew stumbled out of the booth and ran towards the front door.
“This can’t be happening! It just can’t!” Andrew yelled from across the room.
As Andrew ran past the front counter, a young woman wearing a green sweater yelled after Andrew. “Are you okay young man?” Her voice resembled what one might picture a mouse to sound like.
Andrew paused in his escape. “Are you Connie?!”
“Yes.” Connie said in a confused tone.
“You can’t be! You sound nothing like Connie!” Andrew whined.
“I can assure you that I’m Connie. Just ask my husband.”
“Husband?! Don’t tell me you married Jason!” Andrew asked, flabbergasted.
“Jason? Whit’s son? Don’t you know he died in the Vietnam war? I’m married to Richard.”
“Jason’s dead?! And who is Richard?!”
“Richard. Richard Maxwell.”
“What? You married him?” Andrew rasped.
“Are you okay? Can I get you some water or something?” Connie asked, concern showing on her face.
“I just need some air.” Andrew muttered, stumbling towards the front door.
As he pushed open the front door, he could hear the familiar bell above the door ring.
“Well at least that’s the same.”
Andrew started to walk towards McAlister park. He stepped onto the pavement only to get knocked to the curb by a passerby on a bike.
“Hey! Watch it, kid!” Andrew yelled as he fell backwards.
“I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you there! Are you okay?” The boy asked, his squeaky voice penetrating Andrews ear drums. His brown hair neatly slicked back, and his thick glasses slipped down to the tip of his nose. One could obviously see that the boy was the nerdy type.
“It’s okay. I’m fine.” Andrew announced, standing up and wiping the dirt off his bum.
“The name’s Andrew.” Andrew said, holding his hand out to the young boy.
“I’m Jay.” Jay said, taking Andrews hand.
Andrew stood there momentarily with his mouth agape. “What did you say?”
“I said, ‘I’m Jay.’ Are you okay?”
“No, I’m not. I gotta go!” Andrew stumbled across the street, running into the woods of McAlister park.
“What’s wrong?!” Andrew yelled as he fell against a tree in the depth of the woods. “Everyone is completely different! Emily isn’t a detective, but a girly girl. Connie is married to Richard Maxwell! Jay is nice and a nerd! And everyone’s voice has changed! Am I dreaming?!”
“No, you aren’t” A female voice announced.
“Who said that?!” Andrew gasped, jumping up and looking around frantically.
“I did.” The female voice stated.
“Where are you? Show yourself!”
“You are sowing what you have reaped, Andrew.”
“For years, every Adventures in Odyssey album that has come out, you have whined how some character has changed or you don’t like the new characters. Instead of listening to the lessons, you have whined about unimportant details. So now you have received your wish. Everyone is different.”
Andrew fell back against a tree, head in hands.
“What have I done? Is there anything I can do to fix this?!” Andrew exclaimed looking up at the sky.
“Because of your attitude, you have ruined Odyssey for many people. Be content Andrew. We all change. Even Odyssey.”
“But can I fix what I’ve done?!”
“Be content.” Then the voice disappeared.
Andrew looked around him, and saw a girl with long black hair walking through the trees. “Hey!” He yelled, and ran up to the girl.
“Can I help you?” The girl asked, her mature voice sounding.
“Hi. I’m Andrew. Who are you?!” Andrew asked taking the girl by her shoulders.
“I’m Camilla.” She said, her concern showing. “Do you need something?” She said, shrugging Andrew’s hands off her shoulders.
Andrew closed his eyes for a moment. ‘Of all characters!’ he thought. Camilla was his least favorite.
“I just wanted to say…”
“Yes?” Camilla said, her eyebrow raising.
“I just wanted to say I like you… just the way you are.”
“Um… Thank you?”
“You’re welcome. Bye!” Andrew declared as he turned away.
“Strange boy.” Camilla muttered under her breath.
Andrew broke into a run as he made his way back to Whits End. “I must make things right!”
Andrew ran across the street, yelling the whole way “I like you just the way you are!”
Andrew ran up the steps of Whits End and burst through the door. All heads turned towards Andrew. He panted for a moment, trying to catch his breath.
“Andrew?” Emily asked, her dirty blonde hair bobbing.
“I just wanted to say- I like you just the way you are! All of you!”
The floor broke from underneath Andrew, and he started to fall.
Andrew jerked and sat up in bed. He looked around him, noticing the clock reading 1am.
“Wow, what a dream!”
Andrew laid back down in bed resting his head on his pillow. On his nightstand, an Adventures in Odyssey still played.
“This is a- a Twilife Zone episode!” Andrew gasped, sitting up quickly, he flicked the adventure off and lay back down.
“Note to self: Never put a Twilife Zone episode on before bed.” Andrew muttered as he flipped over in bed and fell asleep.

The End.

Congrats again ladies!

~God’s Girl

(Official Emily Grand Vizier)

The First Ever ERK Contest Winners!

I know you’ve all been dying to know who won, but first, a word from our Official Emily Grand Vizier, God’s Girl!

Emily. The golden star of the the post-hiatus AIO age. The ERK was started on the premise that Emily Rules, by out brilliant founder, Pound Foolish. He created it to show the world Emily’s epicness, and you, our loyal members, help us with this gallant cause. President Pound Foolish had the brilliant idea to host the very first ERK contest. We asked YOU, our loyal members, to show us things that reminded you or Emily’s wonderfulness, and boy, did you ever.

And now, for the announcement of the winners!

In 4th place…….
Renae for her portrait of Emily!
In 3rd place…
Connie_Kendall for her green tutu that reminds us of our club uniform!
In 2nd place………………….
Aftershocker, for his picture of a green backpack full of money.
Annnd, in first place…………………………
Underseasie, with her astounding and original Emily drawing:
emily the beauty queen pony
“If you can’t tell, her cutie mark is a backpack full of money.” ~Underseasie
And tying with Seasie for first, Liz’alike’s insanely fantastic and funny piece of Emily-fan writing. It will be published on the site shortly. And now, over to our beloved President Pound Foolish:

Hey, yo guys. Great crowd here today. A funny thing happened on my way here-
*God’s Girl glares at the beloved president*
Okay, sorry. I interviewed both Underseasie and Liza’like.

Here is Underseasie’s interview:
1. How did you get the inspiration for that marvelous drawing?
Where I get most of my ideas, in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. 😉

2. Are Odyssey and MLP your biggest media loves? Just a wild guess…
Yep! Though this is the first time I combined the two.

3. What’s your favorite thing about Emily?
I have to choose a favorite? Well, I guess maybe her amazing detective skills…I’m awful at mysteries, myself.

4. How did you get your drawing skills?
I just like to doodle, so one day I decided to try drawing Rarity, it turned out pretty well, and ever since I’ve been drawing ponies. 😀

5. Are you secretly a pony who sneaks onto her master’s computer?
Ummm…nooooo… :mrgreen:
Thank you again! 😀

And now, Liza’like’s interview.
1. How often do you write, and what do you normally write? What are some things you may hope to do with you gift?
Lizak’like: I don’t have much experience in writing. This is one of my first short stories. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t realize I was “gifted” haha. So where I enjoy some writing, I’m not serious about it. (Though I have been twiddling with a book idea. ;))
2. Well, I hope you write it… much more fun than twiddling. Have you ever twiddled your fingers for an hour? BORING. Not that I ever have. Okay, next question. What do you like most about Emily?
Liza’like Is everything an answer? Though I would have to say the tutus are very appealing!

3. What do you enjoy most about ERK?

Liza’like Emily. I love her! EMILY RULES!

What is your deepest, darkest, most secret-secret you never tell anyone?
4. My life is an open book… I’m afraid I don’t have any secrets. Or do I? (I know you said this one was a joke, but I couldn’t help it! haha)
Thanks again! I am feeling so happy and proud about my short story 🙂 I never thought it would make it this far! *swoons on couch*

Well, well, I’m glad you were so pleased. By the way, you’re kinda cute. Would you like to- never mind. Okay, that’s it for now. Come back soon to see Liza’like’s story. As well as a few of the runner’s up pics. Until next time, I’m Pound Foolish, reminding you… Emily RULES!

~ President Pound Foolish

Poetry (not in slow motion)

My wonderful Emily-loving sis wrote this poem in praise of the greatest girl of them all.

Emily rocks
Emily rules
Emily makes all the rules

Emily shines
Like a pearl
Emily the,
Detective Girl

Emily solves things
nice and smooth
Emily, the super sleuth

Emily rocks
Emily rules
Emily rules
Over all the gools

~President Pound Foolish

Top 10 Reason Why I Love Emily

Hello to you all, Suzy Lou here.
I’ll be doing my first post on the rather largely debated character around Odyssey- Emily Jones. Either you love her or hate her. In my case, I am a big fan. I have enjoyed her character from the very beginning and find her very interesting, as well as quite amusing. I knocked heads together with a well known Odyssey fan you may all know from the Soda Shop message board- Pound Foolish, who also possesses the same admiration for Emily that I hold…and here is a collaboration of our top ten reason for why we love the character, Emily Jones::
1. Emily is bold and isn’t afraid to stand for what she believes.
2. She posses a strong, fiery will.
3. She’s caring and friendly to those around her, and as Pound Foolish said- “People accuse her of doing things for her own benefit, yet we never see her doing a deed that only she benefits from.”
4. She possesses a unique amount of intelligence for a girl of her age and is very observant.
5. Her mysteries bring a fun new aspect to Adventures In Odyssey.
6. She strives to do better when it seems that she’s failing, and doesn’t give up easy.
7. She’s funny.
8. She has a positive outlook on life.
9. She’d be good as a teacher of the sorts, what with her willingness of giving direction to those around her and all.
10. There is never a dull moment with her around.
And for an added touch, a drawing for my sidekick- Mr. Basset, who may find Emily a bit distasteful at times- but still holds a bit of a wonder for her as well…
~Suzy Lou

What E.R.K. Is

What E.R.K. Is

As I contemplate the deep meaning of E.RK., a rich and glorious phrase once more springs to my mind: Emily RULES!

The majesty of it. We, E.R.K., serve our mistress and idle Emily in battle. Such a privilege. Hello, this is Pound Foolish, President and founder of E.R.K. and composer of the ceremonious and glorious Emily Anthem. E.R.K. stands for Emily RULES! (Yes, Emily RULES! With “rules” in capitols followed by an exclamation mark. Remember that.) A sort-of acronym of irk. We irk the Emily Haters.

I, President Pound Foolish, began this first ever Emily “klub”, as I termed them, to repel the evil ranks of Mr. Thinker and Wooton, the very first to declare the Emily War. While, as you can see, we E.R.K. members are very goofy, we really and truly do believe Emily to be a good character, funny and likable, undeserving of all the criticism she receives. We sing the Emily Anthem at every meeting, we feature loving remarks and tributes to Emily in our signatures on The Soda Shop, are responsible for Emily being the only character elected Character of the Week more than once, and don’t give a green hair clip that we are hated by so many.

Then conquer we shall
for Emily is our gal,
and this be our motto,
“In God is our trust, and Emily RULES!”

~ President Pound Foolish

More Emily Fan Art

More Emily Fan Art

I was inspired my my sister’s (underseasie) drawing of Emily, so I thought I’d do my own!